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When you visit us for the first time, we will ask you to arrive early so that important and necessary forms can be completed and entered into the system. Subsequent visits may require ongoing paperwork but not as complex as the first visit.  Yearly updates of your profile are required when you present for yearly visits.  Patients new to the office may download and complete forms prior to your visit to save time when you arrive.  Download forms here:

At your first appointment, you will be seen by one of our physicians who will listen to your medical history, perform an examination, review any lab and/or radiographic data to derive a diagnosis. We feel your case is important enough to warrant a full evaluation by a physician, especially where the potential for surgery exists.

We fully understand the time you take to visit us is important to you and all efforts are made to be on time as a sign of respect.  However, the nature of surgery entails unexpected emergency care of critically ill patients and as such, we may be delayed in arriving at the office.  All efforts will be made to keep you informed of significant delays so you may decide to wait or be rescheduled.  We hope you understand these needs.

To better serve you and your referring provider, all efforts are made to see new patients as soon as feasible.  We strive to provide appointments within a few days. Extra efforts are made to see patients with possible cancers as soon as possible. Emergencies are evaluated on a same day basis. You may request to be seen by the first available physician or with a specific surgeon of your choice.

To make an appointment, call the office at (757) 481-2313.

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