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Pre-Operative Instructions

The following statements are general instructions which will apply to most surgeries but may be modified to meet specific needs. Any specialized instructions will be given to you by our scheduling staff. If any aspect of your preoperative preparation is unclear, please call the office scheduling staff for clarification but do so at least a day before the operation.

Please remain available by phone on the day of our surgery. We or the hospital may need to call you as unexpected cancellations of other patients or emergencies may significantly alter your operative time. Unless you are advised otherwise, please report to the hospital on time as there is a lot of preparation to accomplish before you can move into the operating room.


Do not eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight before your surgery. It is permissible to take medications with a small sip of water if instructed to do so by the hospital preoperative nurse. You may brush your teeth and rinse out your mouth.


The hospital staff will call you shortly before your surgical date with instructions regarding which medications to take or stop the morning of surgery.  The office scheduling staff will give you instructions as to when to stop your blood thinners. Despite instructions given by the hospital, we prefer our patients to REMAIN on aspirin.



Please shower the night before surgery using any commercially available antibacterial soap. Give particular attention to your surgical site, groins, armpits, genitalia and surrounding areas. Do NOT shave the surgical area!! These recommendations have been proven to lower surgical infection rates.


The longer you refrain from any tobacco use before surgery, the better the chances of a smooth recovery and this minimizes the risk of complications.


The hospital will request to see your picture ID and insurance cards when you arrive at the check in desk. Any prepayments required by the hospital will be collected at that time.

We look forward to seeing and caring for you in the hospital.

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